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Conscientiotherapeutic Mini-articles

Mulher na natureza

Self-conscientiotherapy: indications and benefits

Self-conscientiotherapy aims to help the consciousness to assume an active role in one’s own health and evolution, by prioritizing self-research and undertaking efforts to continuously improve themself.

Pedras mosaico

Do you identify apriorisms in personal manifestation?

Apriorism in itself is a neutral condition. It means establishing judgements from previous elements, a priori. It can occur in a homeostatic way or pathologically (apriorismosis).


Was this action assertive or correct?

Through the consciential paradigm, the conception of assertiveness takes on new contours, emerging the combined concept of cosmoethic assertiveness.


Do you have the habit of healthy self-reflection?

Healthy self-reflection consists in performing intimate contemplation to develop mature and productive soliloquies to achieving personal balance and interassistance qualification.


What are the causes of your dispersiveness?

Sometimes, we have the feeling that we are wasting time, that we are not doing what is a priority, that we are behind schedule, and other self-demands related to productivity.


How to calibrate the personal cosmoethical compass?

Each individual has an indicator, a kind of internal needle that determines the quality of personal decisions and thosenes (thoughts + sentiments + energies).

ciclo autoctp.png

Do you know the self-conscientiotherapy cycle?

Conscientiotherapy enables the consciousness to identify evolutionary brakes and provides techniques, resources, and instruments to confront and overcome those.

logicidade autoprescritiva.png

How to use self-prescriptive logics?

Self-prescription is the inner determination to undertake actions, techniques, procedures and practical experiences to achieve self-cure of personal obstacles, difficulties, and disturbances.

expressao corporal.png

How is your body, facial and vocal expression?

The external signs of intraphysical consciousness, perceptible to the eyes, ears, and extrasensory paraperceptions, can reveal manifestation traits of the intimate reality of the personality.

holopensene salutar.png

How to keep a healthy holothosene?

The maintenance of a healthy personal holothosene is a prophylactic investment that a lucid conscin can make in the challenge of remaining connected to intermissive course during human life.


What is your existential goal?

Often, the non-observance of the steamroller of daily routines can reduce self-discernment, with possible impacts on personal healthiness.

mito autorreciclagem dolorosa.png

What is the painful recycling myth?

The myth of painful recycling is the automatic, but illusory, association of intraconsciential recycling process (recin) to be necessarily linked to pain, discomfort, or annoyance.


How to face pusillanimity?

The pusillanimity, that is, the weakness of spirit, energy and decision, leading to retreat in life moments of important decisions due to the fear of intrusion pressures.


Proexotherapy in proexis realignment

The intermissivist has a sense of urgency about fulfilling the clauses of self-proexis, because the memory of the intermissive course is present, even unconsciously.

como aplicar a tecn rotina util.png

How to apply the useful routine technique?

The intermissivist realizes that he has reborn or ressomed to accomplish some task. This intimate feeling impels him to seek ways or routines with interassistantial productivity.

voce sofre diante das perdas.png

Do you suffer when facing losses?

The mechanisms of dramatization, victimization, and monoideism can make it difficult to learn healthy detachment and experiences as interassistance opportunities.

superar a robexis.png

How can Conscientiotherapy help to overcome robotic existence? 

the intermissivist without self-criticism and discernment can live the entire intraphysical existence alienated from the pre-resomatic commitments to accomplish the proexis.

Voliciolina - imagem miniartigo.jpeg

Volitioline - the fuel of will 

Volitioline is the consciential energy used by the consciousness, through the attribute of the will, to undertake personal, intra and extra-consciential actions.

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