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Self-conscientiotherapy Consultation

Individual activity to favour the self-conscientiotherapeutic movement of the evolutient, through the technical and direct hetero-assistance of two conscientiotherapists, in a personalized meeting to assist in self-identified intraconsciential demands brought by the participant.

This multidimensional interassistance, aiming to support the evolutient’s self-cure, takes place through the Zoom platform, with up to 1 hour of duration.

There are two options / modalities:

Regular: weekly meetings, on the same day and time, allowing the deepening of the approaches and continuity of the assistance with the 2 conscientiotherapists. The registration is effected in this virtual store by selecting the option Regular Consultation and by sending an e-mail to to schedule day and time.

Punctual: single meeting, with direct registration in this virtual store, where it is possible to choose the day and time, among the offered options.

For both options, registration must be made at least 48 hours before the beginning of the consultation.


Specific guidance and access code to the virtual room will be provided by the conscientiotherapy scheduling team after the confirmation of registration.​

                                For Portuguese speakers:                                                                          For English speakers:

"I felt welcomed and understood by conscientiotherapists. I left the Consultation lighter, with some important issues to work on and with more organized ideas".

"I heard some things that I knew and I wasn’t putting in practice. After that session I managed to put a lot of things into practice and I felt much better".

“OIC activities always bring me to the refocusing of self-cosmoethics, without susceptibilities or subterfuges. I seek the OIC when I need a reminder of my evolution

Área do Evoluciente

Neste espaço são oferecidas orientações de suporte à autoconsciencioterapia dos evolucientes.

Doutor Ensino no Seminário

Informações ao Evoluciente

Neste documento são discriminadas otimizações para os atendimentos consciencioterápicos.

"The consultation was very useful for the development of a self-overcoming strategy for an evolutive bottleneck. With the conscientiotherapists punctuations it was possible to get in touch with blind spots that were causing discomfort in the conscientious manifestation".

"I am grateful to the conscientiotherapists who contributed a lot with clarifications and assistance in the identification of self-intrusion, and also in the elaboration of a recovery plan for my proexis".

“With conscienciotherapists and paraconscienciotherapists assistance,
I widened my vision and I adjusted pointers very objectively".

"The Self-Conscientiotherapy Consultation helped me for the recin direction today's indispensable".

"It is very good that the institution is providing virtual assistance, especially at this moment. For a long time I wanted to participate in OIC activities and had no way of being present, due to the distance. Now it's possible".

“Excellent activity in
Self-Conscientiotherapy Consultation.
It is a way of putting into practice the experience of the consciential paradigm".

OIC activities do not replace or eliminate potential medical or psychological needs. It is recommended, whenever necessary, to seek out qualified health professionals for the specific attendances, accredited by official boards. OIC does not indicate nominatively any specialist.

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