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Conscientiotherapy is the specialty of Conscientiology that studies the treatment, relief and remission of consciential pathologies and parapathologies, through resources and techniques derived from Conscientiology.


An important differential of this therapeutic approach is the understanding of the human being as an integral consciousness, considering, in addition to the human body, their other vehicles of manifestation, as well bioenergies, parapsychism, lucid projection (OBEs), successive intraphysical lives and multidimensionality.

The term Conscientiotherapy and its techniques were proposed in 1988 by M.D., dentist, lexicographer and Brazilian researcher Waldo Vieira (1932 - 2015). The author based his studies on more than 40 years of theoretical and practical research in parapsychic assistance.

The main objective of Conscientiotherapy is to catalyze the self-cure of the evolutient, promoted through the will and action of the consciousness itself. In this context, the person uptake the responsibility of its own evolution.

Conscientiotherapy: hetero-help, self-cure.
Vieira, Waldo. Manual dos Megapensenes Trivocabulares, 2009, p. 144

Conscientiotherapy is indicated, for example, for those who:

  • Search for deeper self-knowledge of their own reality.

  • Face personal and interpersonal conflicts and difficulties.

  • Are experiencing existential crisis.

  • Manifest bioenergetic blockages and imbalances.

  • Intend to renew aspects of their own existence.

  • Want to optimize their existential program.


It is important to emphasize that Conscientiotherapy is also recommended for disorder prophylaxis, or preventive treatment.

"Everyone should go to Conscientiotherapy as an evolutient, regardless of being ill. Sometimes, the 2 attending conscientiotherapists can provide surprising providential guidance for the individual destiny. Such cases are commonplace. It is best to experience to admit the interassistantial, silent work, in the universe of the International Organization of Conscientiotherapy (OIC)."

Vieira, Waldo. Dicionário de Argumentos da Conscienciologia, 2014, p. 105


"It was here that I could managed to enter my inside world. Today I know the traits I need to work on and the strong traits that I have". 

—  M. T.

OIC activities do not replace or eliminate potential medical or psychological needs. It is recommended, whenever necessary, to seek out qualified health professionals for the specific attendances, accredited by official boards. OIC does not indicate nominatively any specialist.

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