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The Conscientiotherapeuticology Dictionary project is an initiative of OIC volunteers, which emerged in the year 2015, for the establishment of consensual definitions of fundamental terms of the specialty Conscientiotherapeuticology.

The Dictionary of Conscientiotherapeuticology with Equivalent Multilingual Terms was designed to be a work reference in the theorice of the conscientiotherapeutic specialty. The gescon is the mentalsomatic fruit of the leading-edge relative consensus among conscientiotherapists of the International Conscientiotherapy Organization (OIC) and the synergistic, interassistantial, lexicographical work of dozens of conscientiology volunteers.

The launching of the Work took place during the Conscientiotherapy Week, on September 3rd, 2022.

Dicionário de Consciencioterapeuticologia

Dicionário de Consciencioterapeuticologia

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