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What is your existential goal?

Throughout life, there are several commitments and tasks that we perform. But is this set of everyday acts aligned with the main objective of our existence? Moreover, have we thought about what would be the priority objective of our life?

"Every person maintains some category of objective, goal, script or megafocus in human life, although a great number of personalities do not yet know exactly what they desire in the condition of essential scope" 1.

There is not always an adequate convergence of our efforts to the great goal of being in this intraphysical life. Often, the non-observance of the steamroller of daily routines can reduce self-discernment, with possible impacts on personal healthiness.

We came into this existence with the noble goal of being evolutionarily useful to ourselves and the consciousnesses of our multidimensional environment. Avoiding deviation, accommodation, superficiality, and loss of focus are necessary in order to not get lost at the crossroads of human life.

"The final existential goal, you need to know it, now. If you think of the final goal, you will think of everything you need to reach your objective" 1.


General objectives of the intermissivist

To the intermissivist, terrestrial elder, it is especially useful to promote the sincere and priority approach to the core of the major objective of existence. The general direction has been established in the intermissive course, with remarkable emphasis on cosmoethical correction and fraternal interassistance. These two guidelines are essential to the clear, specific, and individualized detailing of the existential goal of the intermissivist conscin, which was chosen by themself during intermission 1.

“There is that fundamental objective which must predominate in the existence of the organized and self-aware conscin regarding consciential evolution. This mega-objective predominates over all other ephemeral ones and presents the natural route to be reached” 1. 

The proposal is that all our daily efforts be directed towards collimating the acts, postures and conducts to this great purpose of life. From this self-clarifying position, the decisions taken will undergo sieve of pertinence or not to the self-determined megafocus.

To the interested intermissivist, 7 personal self-proexological conditions can be achieved, as a summary of the fundamental, more definitive objectives, goals or megafocuses of consciential evolution itself, arranged in the ascending evolutionary order 1.

1. Cosmoethic writer.

2. Conscientiological teacher.

3. Interassistantial paraperceptive.

4. Existential completist.

5. Be deperto.

6. Offiexist.

7. Multi-existential self-relay.

These elements aim to summarise the megalocus of the existential programming of most intermissivists. Here is an invitation for the self-reflexive and self-critical examination of how we stand and progress in each of these aspects.


Self-cure cycles

In practice, the achievement of the seven above-mentioned objectives will invariably require us to revise personal values, behaviours and habits, basing personalised cycles of self-cure, which are fundamental to the reaching and sustaining of these evolutionary neoideals.

It is feasible that we set intermediate, staggered goals, for example, when deciding to become a cosmoethical writer. This intent is directly dependent on the continuous training of multiple mentalsomatic attributes, capable of underpinning the linearity of self-thosenity required in this enterprise.

In this case, the exercise of linear thosenity, in a clear and pondered manner, aiming at the logical-rational development of ideas pertinently linked, functions as a classic self-confrontation to scattered attention, mental deconcentration, and consciential dispersion, often still poorly appreciated by ourselves in terms of the deleterious impacts on various areas of life.

Fine levels of escapes from this thosenic linearity can be observed, aiming at the uninterrupted qualification of these and other mentalsomatic attributes. Paratherapeutic effects from similar successful experiences can be measured in the various areas in which we manifest ourselves since attention, concentration, and focus are fundamental to healthy multidimensional daily life.

This is one of the great benefits of self-conscientiotherapy applied in practice: the multidirectional spreading of intraconsciential recycling performed in this evolutionary right now moment, with enduring multifaceted effects.


Homeostatic effects

Therefore, we can infer that the personal assumption of the megaguiding of existence can induce homeostatic effects in a plurality of ways. Frequently, attractions, synergisms, synchronicities, or situations converging with this megaproposal are observed, as well as the repellence to ideals alien to this design, in a condition analogous to the healthy personal holothosene repelling the "foreign bodies" to that context. In this way, a healthy flow tends to establish itself, empowering everything around us.

The attainment of this state occurs exclusively through the action of our steady and determined will to adopt the reference of convergence of all personal purposes to the megaguiding of life, which effects tend to echo in self-decisions and ad hoc acts.

And you, have you thought about clearly establishing your existential goal? What self-cures are necessary for you to achieve this goal?


Authoress: Flávia Aouar Cerqueira, conscientiotherapist and volunteer at the International Organization of Conscientiotherapy (OIC).


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