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Conscientiotherapic Attendance

The Conscientiotherapy Attendance is the multidimensional assistance performed in an environment technically prepared by a team of 2 to 3 volunteer conscientiotherapists, working in cooperation with extraphysical helpers, aiming to help the evolutient to achieve self-cure.

Types of attendances: individual, couple, duo, friends or family, in different modalities, indicated below.

Intensive Attendance: 5 attendances on consecutive days, with 1 session per day.

Period: Monday to Friday.

Intensive Weekend Attendances:
5 attendances on consecutive periods throughout the weekend, with 1 session per period. 
Period: Friday to Sunday. 

Regular Attendance: 
Attendance every 14 days, occurring on the same day of the week and time.

Punctual Attendance: 
Unique attendance focused on punctual demand.


The OIC offers attendances in Portuguese, English and Spanish, which are available throughout the year in Foz do Iguaçu / PR, São Paulo / SP and Rio de Janeiro / RJ.

Itinerant Attendances to other cities in Brazil and abroad are also carried out. Consult the locations and modalities currently available in the virtual store.

*Each conscientiotherapeutic attendance lasts up to 1 hour.

** Conscientiotherapeutic attendances take place through a set of health security actions based on official municipal, national and international sources.


Choose the city of interest or contact us for other possibilities.

Foz do Iguaçu | PR

+55 (45) 99921.6566


São Paulo | SP

+55 (11) 97521.3158


Rio de Janeiro / RJ

+55 (21) 99844.0505



Evolutient Area

In this space, orientations are offered to support evolutient’s self-conscientiotherapy.

Doutor Ensino no Seminário

Information to the Evolutient

In this document, optimizations for conscientiotherapy attendances are described.

OIC activities do not replace or eliminate potential medical or psychological needs. It is recommended, whenever necessary, to seek out qualified health professionals for the specific attendances, accredited by official boards. OIC does not indicate nominatively any specialist.

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