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Exhaustive Specific Bibliography of Conscientiotherapeuticology (BEE)

The Exhaustive Specific Bibliography of Conscientiotherapeuticology (BEE) is the repertoire, collection or selection of articles and scientific publications, books, dictionaries, encyclopedias and cybernetic works related to topics of conscientiotherapy, organized according to the criteria of the bibliographic record of the Encyclopedia of Conscientiology and transcribed to the technical style of enumerology.

The bibliographic sources were the physical and digital collections of all journals and proceedings of conscientiological events, the final papers of the Course for the Training of Conscientiotherapists, the internal publications of the OIC, the books published by conscientiological publishers and the Encyclopedia of Conscientiology.

The available conscientiotherapeutic BEE covers technical conscientiological publications until 2021, with 575 bibliographic references selected in the period between 1994 and 2021.

Access the file at this link: BEE of Conscientiotherapeuticology

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