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** OIC provides Regular Self-conscientiotherapy Consultation in English on Tuesdays, at 6pm and 8pm (Brazil time) and Wednesdays, at 2pm and 4pm (Brazil time). Please send an e-mail to to schedule the self-conscientiotherapy consultation for one of the days and hours specified, subject to availability. 


Regular Self-conscientiotherapy Consultation.


Personalized online interaction with two conscientiotherapists.

Technical assistance to various types of intraconsciential demands.

Multidimensional interassistance to support the evolucient’s self-cure.


Regular:  In this modality the following is carried out in a weekly meetings, on the same day and time, allowing the deepening of the approaches and continuity of the assistance with the 2 conscientiotherapists.


Registration is effected in this virtual store and sending an email to


Registration must be made at least 48 hours before the activity starts.


**If you are full, please send an e-mail to requesting the inclusion of your name on the waiting list and the modality (regular or punctual).


***This modality is offered to people 18 years old and over.

Regular Self-conscientiotherapy Consultation

  • Up to 1 hour of online interaction with 2 conscientiotherapists.

    Registration must be made at least 48 hours before the activity starts.

    The online meetings take place through the Zoom platform (GMT – 3 / BRA).

    After purchasing the day and time of the Consultation, the conscientiotherapy scheduling sector will make contact by e-mail to organize a previous interview.

    Attention is recommended to the personal e-mail message box, to receive specific guidance and access data to the virtual room.

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