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Applied Self-conscientiotherapy

Online activity with the interaction with 2 conscientiotherapists, which aims to favor the self-cure movement of the participants in face of specific themes.

Limited to 15 participants, which allows the deepening of the approaches, during the 2 hours of this synchronous activity.

The live transmission is performed through the Zoom platform, whose password for access will be provided by the scheduling team, after confirmation of registration in the virtual store.


Prerequisite: Basic notions of Conscientiology.

Important note: The activities available in English will have respective information visible on the flyer.

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"The discussion was very productive,
with an excellent domain of conscientiotherapists on the topic".

"It was very important to participate.
I had several personal insights, energetic showers. The discussions are rich and make us deepen the self-research".

“The activity allowed me to visualize
more clearly the importance of
self-lucidity and self-discernment
in managing my emotions".

"The activity is very interactive and rich in content. Very important for us to seek strategies of self-confrontation and
self-overcoming of evolutive impediments".

"Participating in various themes of Applied
Self-conscientiotherapy has been very rich for
self-research. It has promoted greater
self-knowledge and learning of techniques to improve the traits that bothers me".

“The clarifications during the activity
were very useful. That night I found myself out of the body continuing to reflect on the topic. It was very clear how to act from now on".

"All the themes of Conscientiotherapy have been helping me in self-research and boosting my recycling. The exchange of experiences with colleagues and conscientiotherapists expands the knowledge about the techniques that can be used to recycle our traits".

"The activity elucidated points of things that happen to me related to anxiety in a way
I hadn't felt before and allowed me to set goals for improvement".

“The activity allowed me to share points with other people who are experiencing the same bottlenecks".

OIC activities do not replace or eliminate potential medical or psychological needs. It is recommended, whenever necessary, to seek out qualified health professionals for the specific attendances, accredited by official boards. OIC does not indicate nominatively any specialist.

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